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Tattoos as Art

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There are no doubt a range of different perspectives when it comes to tattoos. Many people get tattoos to express how they are feeling, or what they care about. Others use them to make statements, whether it be political, religious, or just about anything. However, you’ll also get people who are completely against tattoos and couldn’t imagine who in their right mind would allow something to be permanently inked on their skin. Some even believe that you are desecrating your body by getting tattoos.

Tattooing, the process of embedding ink under the skin to produce a permanent design, has been around since virtually the dawn of man. Many indiginious cultures practiced tattooing for both adornment, status and spiritual renderings. Though there has been a recent resurgence in native and tribal tattooing, most tattoos today are done strictly as a way of decorating one’s self in an artistically expressive manner.

Do you have a tattoo? Are you wondering if you should get one? Of course there is no such answer that can be given that fit everyone, but regardless of who you are there are a few things to consider. Answering these questions honestly and openly will help you realize whether or not tattooing is right for you. Remember, short of getting expensive and painful laser removal, they will be with you forever.

First of all, are there any images that holds significant meaning in your life? If so then be sure if this will be something that is important to you in the years to come. Most people who are satisfied with their tattoos years on down the road are happy because they have chosen images or text that is meaningful to them and that they will be attatched to for the rest of their lives.

By the same token, many of the people that want to get them removed are the ones that put very little thought into getting them in the first place and now are stuck with tattoos that they do not like and no longer want. Before you get something inked on your skin permanently, think about if you’ll still like the image ten, twenty, or thirty years down the road. Can you see yourself with the same tattoo when your seventy-five years old? I hope so because you will own it forever.

Since a tattoo is permanent, don’t just waltz into the nearest tattoo parlor, take a quick look at their offerings and decided what you like. Though this can be a good technique for getting ideas for you tattoo, there’s no rush to get inked. But some serious thought into it. Choose an image you like and think about it for a few weeks or perhaps even months before making your final decision.

Now you need to make the decision of where on your body you want your tattoo to go. Most people who get tattooed, even those with large tattoos covering their arms, legs, or back, will avoid getting tattoos on their hands, neck, or face, due to the fact that many employers frown on tattooing and because tattoos which are always visible can make it tougher to get hired at certain jobs. You may want to give serious consideration of placing your tattoo of a place that can easily be covered up.

Finally, make sure you get tattooed at a respectable tattoo parlor. Disease and infection are very real risks of getting a tattoo. All of the needles should be sterile, as should the general working conditions. When you choose your tattoo artist be sure to choose one that you have seen their work. Take a good luck at their portfolio and see a sketch of your design before getting inked, because you want to be completely satisfied with your tattoo and not take any unnecessary chances.

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