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Methods Of Tattoo Removal

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It is not known exactly when the practice of tattooing got started, but some evidence of tattoos have been found on Egyptian mummies back in 1300 B.C. Tattoos are made artistically on the skin by injecting a color into small holes in the skin. It does not matter who injects the color into the skin, but it is a fact that the mark of a tattoo is permanent. However due to several reasons, people take the help of physicians to remove tattoos.

Luckily, there are several successful ways to remove tattoos, which are being used by physicians. Nevertheless, in most cases some blemishes can remain visible on the skin. It depends on a number of factors such as size, location, and the time taken in the individual healing process. If the tattoo has been on the skin for a long time, then it may be difficult to remove.

The physician will choose a tattoo removal method after considering the size and length of the tattoo. He will also take into consideration the time that the tattoo has been on the skin.

Some of these widely used tattoo removal methods include:

Excision: This is one of the most popular tattoo removal methods, especially when the tattooed area is small. By using this method, tattoos can be removed completely from the skin. In order to remove large tattoos, the excision process is done in stages.

While performing this method, the tattooed area is first numbed, and then it is erased surgically. There may be minimal bleeding, but it can be controlled easily by using electrocautery.

Dermabrasion: Another tattoo removal procedure is known as the “Dermabrasion Procedure”. The tattooed area is sprayed with a solution to freeze it, and then the tattoo is rubbed down with a rotary abrasive tool, which results in the peeling of the skin. During this process, bleeding may occur, so it is a must that immediate dressings are applied to that area.

Laser: Nowadays, the laser technique is becoming popular among physicians, as it offers better results in a short time. Laser techniques such as Q-switched Nd: Yag, Q-switched Alexandrite and the Q-switched Ruby, are being used to remove tattoos.

A cream can be applied on the skin for numbing before the treatment begins, if required. After that, by using laser light technique, the pigment of the tattoo is broken and thereafter several weeks, scavenger cells of the body eliminate the treated pigment area. Generally, one may be required to have more than one laser treatment to erase the tattoo entirely.

Salabrasion: This is an ancient method to remove tattoos, but it is still used sometimes. Similar to other methods, anesthetic is used on the tattoo as well as on its surrounding area. After that, a solution of normal tap water and salt is applied on the skin. By using abrade equipment, the tattooed area is abraded strongly, and when the area becomes dark red, then a dressing is applied.

In conclusion, it does not matter which tattoo removal method you opt for, but one thing is definite – there will always remain some scarring or color variation.

It is always best to discuss with the physician the various methods available and their procedures. It is important that you clear all your doubts regarding the process before you go for it.

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