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Fresh OctopusFresh OctopusTattoo PicturesJan 14, 20064,322-0cool-tattoos
OctopusOctopusTattoo PicturesJan 14, 20064,977-0cool-tattoos
Hand of GodHand of GodTattoo PicturesJan 14, 20065,730-0cool-tattoos
Fresh DolphinFresh DolphinTattoo PicturesJan 14, 20064,697-0cool-tattoos
AnchorAnchorTattoo PicturesJan 13, 20068,977-0cool-tattoos
BeeBeeTattoo PicturesJan 13, 20066,022-0cool-tattoos
CricketCricketTattoo PicturesJan 13, 20065,228-0cool-tattoos
Getting Inked Hot Rod GirlGetting Inked Hot Rod GirlTattoo PicturesJan 2, 20069,4753.673randy
Upper Back Upper Back Tattoo PicturesDec 30, 20056,2223.673randy
Von Dutch TributeVon Dutch TributeTattoo PicturesDec 30, 20056,5283.002randy
Kustom car and Hot Rod GirlKustom car and Hot Rod GirlTattoo PicturesDec 30, 200511,2653.333randy
american pin up better shotamerican pin up better shotTattoo PicturesDec 30, 200510,2622.333randy
Mechanical skull, better shotMechanical skull, better shotTattoo PicturesDec 30, 20058,873-0randy
Mechanical skull,Mechanical skull,Tattoo PicturesDec 22, 20059,4895.001randy
Mechanical skull,and tikiMechanical skull,and tikiTattoo PicturesDec 22, 20059,1513.001randy
American pin upAmerican pin upTattoo PicturesDec 22, 200511,6233.405randy
Hot Rod GirlHot Rod GirlTattoo PicturesDec 22, 200511,4774.502randy
Tribal Design - 2nd Phase...Tribal Design - 2nd Phase...Tattoo PicturesDec 14, 20057,7175.001rtistik
Tribal DesignTribal DesignTattoo PicturesDec 14, 200510,7943.254rtistik
EagleEagleTattoo PicturesNov 27, 200510,8703.5511rmaniaci
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World Trade Center
Mar 30, 18:59
World Trade Center
Mar 30, 18:59
Watts Towers
Nov 14, 21:44
Nice gang signs...
World Trade Center
Oct 26, 04:05
Barbed Wire Wrap-Around
Oct 17, 14:22
thats a masterpiece
Tattoo Judging
Oct 11, 23:08
She's hot. So was her lesbian friend. ;P
Wrath of God Backpiece
Sep 25, 20:55
That's crazy.
'N' Getting Tattooed
Aug 30, 05:28
A big N eh?
Back Lacing
Jun 27, 06:55
That is so fucking wild. And she is so fucking hot. She had black x's ta...
Jun 6, 06:52
That's awesome.